It’s All About You

TELL THE WORLD !!!  What are YOU getting up to these days?
Most websites and companies want to sell you something and are focused on the ABOUT US pages. But we would like to know what you’re getting up to!! This is your opportunity to us ABOUT YOU and events that you believe deserve our attention .

Here YOU can invite us to YOUR EVENT… Please… let us know.
Use the “TELL THE WORLD” form at the base of this page and let us know, so that we can help promote (and in some cases sponsor) your event(s).

  • When
  • Where
  • What
  • Why
  • and How

This page contain guidance and information on how to post an announcement for an upcoming event, as well as a list of events that you may be interested in attending. You can promote yourself or your business if it is related to our socio-political objectives. Read our Manifesto (like a mission statement).

This is also the portal to the Blogging area. Have a listen to Richie Havens’ immortal and globally famous performance of “Freedom” at Woodstock Festival. Then if you’re feeling inspired to take action, use the “TELL THE WORLD” contact form below.


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