Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed

Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed – Part [A]: Historical & Practical Applications Of Essential Alchemical Science Paperback – Deluxe Edition, May 10, 2008

[Volume 1] “Hearth wastes no time getting straight to the heart of the matter: a compelling introductory work to his new novel “ORMUS The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene”

  • “A MUST READ for anyone interested in the secret truth behind Mary Magdalene, TEMPLAR executions, ESSENE mystery schools; the persecutions of Magdalene’s family and her constituency.”
  • The percentage of ORMUS found in the human body varies greatly depending on the dietary practices of the individual. Hence fasting is always mentioned in all texts relating to holy men and women. The Tara, Dakini, Durgee, the Black Madonna, and MahaKala all representative of processes involved in transfiguration of Tantric yogis and yoginis.
  • The objective is to arrange the human laboratory in such a way as to achieve an ORMUS-laden critical-mass, within a healthy body; the laboratory of the human body, being representative of the true alchemist’s crucible.
  • pH swings in the process of transmuting “lead into gold” were always represented as colorations of an elixir: Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Body of Krishna, Green Tara, Golden Flower, and of course the White-Light Body of the Christ.
  • One day some of us will live in the Light. We will eat, drink and breath the Light. Like the lowly worm, having woven a platinum-silky cocoon, eventually emerges as a beautiful butterfly; so too will we, one day, live, breath and glide through the Light.
  • Some creatures live in water; while others transitioned to an amphibious existence; others migrated successfully to a land-based home; others fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
  • “A NO NONSENSE primer for those awaiting the greatly anticipated novel from newly acclaimed author William Hearth”
  •  “Was JUDAS a favorite disciple of Mary’s? Was he framed by Saul of Tarsus?”
  • “The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene will enthrall, educate; elucidate.”
  • “If you love Mary Magdalene; everything she stands for, this is a must-read, must-own”
  • Mary Magdalene; Cleopatra’s MFKTZ-ORMUS: What is it?
  • Contains Henry Alfred Goolsbee‘s earliest work on ORMUS and his many comments on the the Mary Magdalene Paradigm

Henry Alfred Goolsbee


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