This is the page where we define, for the public, the purpose and goals of the People’s Renaissance Network & Artisan’s Guild.

Our Manifesto

The “People’s Renaissance Network and Artisan’s Guild” is a legally constituted society formed in the State of Texas as a not-for-profit association.

We are engaged in provision of Educational Services to the general public as regards:
▪  The preservation of endangered species;
▪  The importance of sustainable innovation;
▪  The ethical implementation of  permaculture;
▪  Our rights to expect and employ ecological accountability;
▪  Commercial activities defined as “Right Livelihood.”

Excerpt from the Governance Document states that:
“We are a not-for-profit, public service enterprise, serving both local and international communities, governments and the people, regardless of age, race, creed or color, and afford other individual’s all due respect for their personal religious and/or political affiliations;
Therefore in matters of discrete world-outreach The Council of Elders encourages others to follow the paradigms of ahimsa and the paradigms of the early beginnings of the original Essene Movement (…our body is a temple for the Indwelling Godde), as regards the development of educational activities, health-care, publishing, and other institutions that serve the Guilds and their surrounding communities. We respect equally the male and female principle and discourage gender-based chauvinism.

Home of the “Musician’s Renaissance Network” and “International Luthier’s Guild.”

Links to view and thereafter download:
our Manifesto [PDF]
our Governance [PDF]
our ByLaws [PDF]
our Constitution [PDF]

 The complete URLs to view and thereafter download:






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