Navigating the Village

A few tips on navigating the paths of our village…

[1] Static PAGES vs BLOG Posts

This site is divided (logistically) into two types of areas-

  • blog POSTS (blog articles)
  • static PAGES (site information)
  1. POSTS (blog articles) are dynamic.
    Members comments and interactions are encouraged.
    POSTS are initiated by admin/members and to various degrees are managed by members depending on the member’s status within their associated guild.
    POSTS move automatically towards being archived as they grow older, so that the most current posts are found in the foreground of the BLOG area.
    Significant posts may be promoted to PAGE status and retain a permanent place within the village website.
  2. PAGES (site information) are static.
    PAGES are never “archived.”
    (no comments or interactions are permitted)
    PAGES are better suited for more timeless content which require ease of access, such as “Manifesto” or “Contact Us” and “Events.”
    PAGES, unlike a BLOG (which is dynamic), retain the order in which they’re published. PAGES are produced by administrators only (members have no access PAGE management other than to make suggestions to desired content).


This website’s “HOME” page is the ABOUT US page… so there is no link in the menu to an ABOUT page (like those we typically see in other websites). This network is your network.

When you call up our website by its “HOME” pagethe first thing we do is to tell The People what it’s all about; and it’s All About YOU.  It’s all about the services that we provide to our Members and our Online Village (community of consumer-traders) such as yourself, who choose to participate in one of the Guilds that we sponsor.

So whether you are a guild-producer, or merchant who buys and sells, or a conscientious consumer, or if you engage in “trade-barter” activities, at the end (and beginning) of every day:  It’s All About YOU. Please Remember that “Shopping is a political act.” When you buy from a company or person who cares for the Earth and ALL it’s inhabitants, you are voting with your purchases. Supporting one another in this manner helps to make the world a better place. Produce, share, buy and sell, consume and give with conscious intent. Life is what we make it.

All About YOU

What would you like to contribute to our Online Village in terms of products, tangible assets and/or services? What, if any, additional services, products or activities would you like to see included in the Networks applications? Let us know how it’s going and please remember that this network is your network. The network is only as good as its member-participants make it. So let’s make it happen!


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