About Us

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We are a meeting place… a venue: a virtual Bohemian Cafe complimented by a network of food-producing Community Gardens and productive Artisan’s Guilds.

We provide opportunities for networking between like-minded people.

We are a consortium for Troubadours (Musicians with a Message), Organic Garden Clubs and Community Gardens, Performing Arts Societies, Naturopathic Doctors and Certified-Nurse Midwives, Artisan’s Guilds, the Pythagorean Lithographers’ Association (politically speaking: people who support, avidly, freedom of the press and freedom of speech), Not-for-Profits, Investigative Journalist’s Associations, organizers of Fundraising Events and various Charitable Networks.

We are also home to The Musician’s Renaissance Network & Luthier’s Guild Int’l.

The Guilds include groups of people, who are engaged in trades and occupations that are essential to the survival of a Global Village in which, our inalienable civil and political rights are protected (esp. that of off-the-grid communities).

These Guilds are comprised of groups of like-minded people, who have joined together to effect a change, by providing an essential service to the Global Village Community in an ecologically responsible and ethical manner.

Our members focus on implementing: Sustainable Innovation;  Ecological Methodologies leading to Reduced Carbon-Footprint; Intentional Permaculture Communities (who have embraced meaningfully, the Permaculture Paradigm); Right Action and Right Livelihood (through fair trade); Promoting Educational Activities that are in harmony with the Laws of Life that Gaia (the Earth viewed as a living conscious entity) employs on a day-to-day basis.

The sorts of Guilds  from around the world, who are allied with, or connected to, the People’s Renaissance Network, include (but are not limited to) the following trades and arts:

  • Blacksmiths (who make horse shoes, shovels, plows, knives, hatchets, swords, etc.)
  • Tinkers (metallic pots and pans, tea trays, kettles, etc)
  • Weavers & Basket-makers (fabric, carpets & rugs, linen hampers, laundry hampers)
  • Thespians (accomplished actresses and actors, stage-craft, performing arts, etc.)
  • Potters (clay and earthenware mugs, vases, plates, saucers, etc.)
  • Horse breeders and stable masters
  • Apothecary Arts (natural herbal remedies balms salves, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.)
  • Farmers/Gardeners (Organic/Permaculture)
  • Miller/Bakers (wholewheat, multigrain, exotic confectionary, patisseries, etc.)
  • Candle Makers
  • Apiarists (Bee Keepers, honey producers, suppliers of beeswax, etc.)
  • Ethnic Dance Circles and Repertory Theaters (square-dance, bellydance, tango, etc.)
  • Printers & Lithographers

The Basics

  • We partner with other earth-friendly people and arts organizations to cultivate new network opportunities thereby increasing interrelated and cooperative educational activities
  • We celebrate human diversity through a variety of artistic expression by offering a range of networking channels and venues
  • We provide exceptional customer service at all levels of the organization, including patrons, staff, board members, guild directors, support networks, artisans and consumers
  • We provide educational opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds
  • We ensure the continued success of our organization through responsible budgeting and resource management

All About YOU

What would you like to contribute to our Online Village in terms of products, tangible assets and/or services? What, if any, additional services or activities would you like to see in the networks applications? Let us know how it’s going and please remember that this network is your network. The network is only as good as its member-participants make it. So let’s make it happen!

A tip on navigating the paths of our village

This is our “ABOUT US” page. These pages are static and unlike a blog (which is dynamic), they retain the order in which they’re published. Pages are better suited for more timeless content which require ease of access, such as “Manifesto” or “Contact Us” and “Events.” This website’s “HOME” page is the ABOUT US page… so there is no link in the menu to an ABOUT page (like those we typically see in other websites).

When you call up our website by its “HOME” page, the first thing we do is to tell The People what it’s all about; and it’s All About YOU.  It’s all about the services that we provide to our Members and our Online Village (community of consumer-traders) such as yourself, who choose to participate in one of the Guilds that we sponsor.

So whether you are a guild-producer, or merchant who buys and sells, or a conscientious consumer, or if you engage in “trade-barter” activities, at the end (and beginning) of every day:  It’s All About YOU. Please Remember that “Shopping is a political act.” When you buy from a company or person who cares for the Earth and ALL it’s inhabitants, you are voting with your purchases. Supporting one another in this manner helps to make the world a better place. Produce, share, buy and sell, consume and give with conscious intent. Life is what we make it.


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